W. Hans Miller Shares Critical Role ‘Soothing’ Plays in Everyday Living

W. Hans Miller Shares Critical Role ‘Soothing’ Plays in Everyday Living


W. Hans Miller reached a point in his personal and professional life when it occurred to him that some of his lessons and adventures as a child therapist might be useful and interesting. It led him in writing “Soothing: Lives of a Child Psychologist” (published by Xlibris) which tells two stories, both of which are about the search for ways to soothe oneself and others.

This book is part memoir, part autobiography and part essay that shares the critical role soothing plays in everyday living. It is the sometimes comical quest of one person who struggled to integrate lifelong personal conflicts and a career as a successful child psychologist, finally finding peace in a wider view that brought coherent meaning to his life. Along the way, Miller learned that he was not trained to successfully treat the wide and fascinating individual differences in human psychopathology, which required constant creativity and innovation. Each new therapy partnership inspired personal growth and ingenuity that often made a difference in the lives of his patients.

“There was something special about putting my life and work down on paper. No matter how much I have shared with therapists, closest friends and a soul mate, there was always more that was unshared,” Miller says. “I needed a record of the big moments in life to keep from forgetting or repressing them, all the way until I was 74 and had gathered enough confidence to go public, which is why this memoir was 60 years in the making.”

This book is for all those who struggled mightily through their early lives and then found a degree of self-compassion and self-acceptance. Miller found himself by excelling in baseball and finding new ways to help struggling children, and eventually people of all ages.

By W. Hans Miller
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 294 pages | ISBN 9781524546304
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 294 pages | ISBN 9781524546311
E-Book | 294 pages | ISBN 9781524546328
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About the Author
W. Hans Miller is a clinical psychologist in private practice in West Los Angeles. For over four decades, he has treated children and families with a wide variety of emotional and behavioral difficulties. Throughout his career, he has maintained an active interest in neuroscience, behavioral medicine and especially the biology of normal and abnormal emotional development in children. Miller pioneered the development of the first Medical Center Parent Training Clinic in the ‘70s, which is still active. For many years, he lectured and conducted workshops on parent training and severe personality disorders in parents in the USA and Europe. After a long career in the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA, where he received numerous teaching awards, he is now an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA Semel Institute for Science and Human Behavior. His writings include numerous essays and the books “Systematic Parent Training: Procedures Cases and Issues, and Personal Stress Management for Medical Patients.”

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